‘It is quite an art to get into the minds of people who dare to push boundaries.’

As a boy of twelve I used to patiently wander around, staring at the ground with a metal detector, searching for old finds. Shortly after that, I became fascinated with woodwork. After attending a furniture-making course at technical college, I started working as a carpenter and joiner, specialising in fine carpentry. Years ago I started making furniture from reclaimed wood. While photographing it, I found that I just couldn’t do without lamps and lighting, so I started recovering them from anywhere I could… mostly retro lighting. My stylistic taste slowly developed into the industrial preference that I have today. What I find so fun is the rawness of the materials, their history, and the story behind them. Where did the lamp once hang? What did people think about it eighty years ago? And then it’s all about figuring out who would want to take a gamble on something a bit mad, a bit different. It is quite an art to get into the minds of people who dare to push boundaries. Now I combine my woodworking craftsmanship with my industrial range.

Hire We can definitely discuss options if you want to hire our industrial lamps and furniture to dress a location. This also applies to photography that involves photo credits in print or online media. Together we can discuss the duration of the loan, the cost of hiring the items, and/or photo credits. Give us a call or send us an email to discuss this further.